ASPINOSEK nasal aspirator

Aspirator do nosa ASPINOSEK

Catalogue number 4110-0300

 ASPINOSEK nasal aspirator  is a medical device designed for children, particularly the youngest. Infants in their first year of life are not able to breathe through their mouth. A stuffy nose causes a real hindrance for them. Since infants cannot blow out nose on their own, the nasal secretions can cause difficulty  breathing, eating, drinking or restful sleeping. In addition, it can cause numerous complications, such as: otitis media, sinusitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis or even pneumonia.


ASPINOSEK allows accurate and safe cleaning of the nasal secretions and restores comfortable breathing. It is made of high quality materials and can be used as often as necessary. Aspirator has a disposable filter which contains the secretions in a higenic manner.


The article includes the following elements:

  • mouthpiece – 1 pcs
  • hose – 1 pcs
  • body – 1 pcs
  • the tip of the nose with a disposable filter – 3 pcs

ASPINOSEK is packed in an attractive box, with a user manual included inside.


Available accessories: disposable filters *12 pcs


The product has the CE mark.

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