Bronchiol Forte Inhaler

Inhalator Bronchiol Forte

Catalogue number 3000-0000

General information


Bronchiol Forte is simple and cheap home inhaler from Bronchiol group, useful in each family.

Bronchiol Forte inhaler is used for mild inhalations. It enables inhaling of essential oils, salts, herbs and the other remedies for easier respiration and facial skin care.

It can be used by adults and children of 3 years and older (under supervision), soothing the following:


  •     chronic throat inflammations
  •     nasal-throat
  •     irritations
  •     running nose
  •     sinus


The treatment, using the Bronchiol Forte inhalator brings relief to allergic people and enables preventive treatment of upper airways. The proper arrangement of tips gives a wide range of use according to individual needs and makes the use of aerosols more effective.


Bronchiol Forte inhaler has the CE Mark.



Bronchiol Forte inhalers are perfectly suitable for aromatherapy.


The best subjective and objective effect is achieved when the oil is being vaporized while its small amount (2-3 drops) are being added to the inhaler.

Only natural essential oils having all the necessary certificates and good pharmaceutical quality should be selected.

Essential oils stimulate secretion activity of upper airways, make the removal of secretion and clearing the throat easier with inflammations of upper airways.


We can recommend the following oils:


  •     Natural essential eucalyptus oil
  •     Inhalol inhalation drops


Set of elements with different tips, mouthpieces and sauna for vaporizing essential oils, salts and herbs.

The following tips are included in the set:


  •     aerosol mask
  •     nose
  •     mouthpiece
  •     sauna cap


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