Bronchiol System 2-Spejser-Nebulizator inhaler

Inhalator Bronchiol System 2-Spejser

Catalogue number 3000-2000

General information


Home inhalers from Bronchiol group are simple devices which support the treatment of the respiratory system at home. They are easy to use, easily accessible and low-priced.


Bronchiol System 2-Spejser-Nebulizator is a personal device, which supports the treatment of chronic illnesses of the respiratory system at home. It allows to give the medicines to a patient at home. Bronchiol System2-Spejser-Nebulizator is a complex equipment for patients with asthma. This inhaler can be used in two variants: as a nebulizer or as a spacer chamber.

Bronchiol System 2-Spacer

– universal inhalation chamber for adults and children is a device which makes easier to use the medicines as aerosols under pressure. Used for pressure inhalators with WGKS and short activity beta2-mimetic (mainly in periods of worsening condition).


Spacer is well-fitted for the following pressure inhalers:


  •     Atrovent N
  •     Salbutamol
  •     Beclometason
  •     Serevent
  •     Berodual
  •     Flixotide


Caution: pressure inhalers fitting loosely into an opening of the chamber should be adjusted with a plaster.

Bronchiol System 2- Nebulizer

– the pneumatic inhaler with the all-purpose mask for adults and children for individual aerosolotherapy of upper and lower airways. Pressured air is being supplied to the nebulizer manually by blood pressure bulb with check valve. Emission of aerosol is occurring at the moment of air introduction.

Thanks to an inside position of the nebulizer and the drug solvent in inhaler, and heating it on the water bath up to temperature 45 degrees Celsius, at the outlet we receive aerosol with a temperature close to human’s body. The drugs’ choice and their dosage only according to a doctor’s prescription.

Average atomization of the drug under 5 microns.

Aerosol emission time only at the moment of air introduction manual.


Bronchiol System 2-Spejser-Nebulizator inhaler has the CE Mark.



Aerosolotherapy – a home treatment of chronic illnesses of the respiratory system. Due to properties of Bronchiol System 2-Spejser-Nebulizator inhalers and nebulizers, drugs are supplied as an aerosol. It makes the treatment faster and easier.


The drugs’ choice and their dosage only according to a doctor’s prescription.
Bronchiol System 2-Spejser-Nebulizator inhaler is just one of the ways of supplying medicines.
Nebulizer must not be filled with essential oils. They cause its permanent damage.



The following tips are included in the set:

  •     nebulizer
  •     aerosol mask
  •     nose
  •     mouthpiece


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