Natural geranium oil

Olejek geraniowy

Catalogue number 8009-0010


Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil


Our oil is registered as a cosmetic and can only be used externally.


It is an anti-depressant and antiseptic. It has astringent and haemostatic properties (stops bleeding). Makes healing of wounds easier. It is used for skin care because of its beautiful fragrance, astringent and antiseptic properties and the ability to control the level of sebum, produced by the skin. It is beneficial for dry, oily and mixed skins, the care of which is rather difficult. Used in treatment of acne, eczema, cold sores, dandruff and striae on the skin. An effective antiseptic in mouth care, treatment of sore throat, ulcerations and other gum infections. The air freshener, containing this oil protects the house against flies, leaving a nice, sweet smell. This oil is also a component of insect repellents.



Do not use while taking contraceptives! Should not be used by children.


10 ml



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