Natural fennel oil

Olejek z kopru włoskiego

Catalogue number 8013-0010

Foeniculum Vulgare Oil


Our oil is registered as a cosmetic and can only be used externally.


It has a very nice, anise aroma and strong, anti-toxic properties. Can be used against alcohol poisoning, and plays a very important role in treatment and rehabilitation of alcoholics. Useful in treating gout, because prevents collecting toxic waste in the body which cause joint inflammation. An excellent carminative drug, helps in sickness, flatulence, indigestion, colic and hiccup. Baths and massages with this oil impede the accumulation of toxic waste in the subcutaneous lipid tissue, the latter being the reason of cellulites which can appear even with fairly slim women. When added to the bath, it intensifies breathing, revives, refreshes and regenerates. Foot bath relieves tiredness. Supports the treatment of colds – one oil drop added to the steam bath.




Should not be used by epileptics and pregnant women!


10 ml



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