Natural orange oil

Olejek pomarańczowy

Catalogue number 8005-0010

Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil


Our oil is registered as a cosmetic and can only be used externally.


The oil has a characteristic fragrance, typical for the fruit. It has anti-depressing, -spasm and mildly tranquilizing properties. It is a very effective bathing oil, especially in winter, when it is cold, but only four drops per a standard bathtub can be added to the bath. The larger dose will cause skin irritation. It is also effective in insomnia treatment. When mixed with lemon oil (in equal proportions), and then diluted, it makes an excellent mouthwash since its tonic properties exert a positive effect on gums.



Do not use together with sun baths and quartz lamp!


10 ml


Skin careSkin care

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