Essential oils


Natural essential oils are concentrated extract essences which have therapeutic properties. They are obtained from trees, flowers and herbs by distillation. Their properties are widely used in aromatherapy. This method is becoming more and more significant in treating various illnesses by using natural confections such as essential oils and products manufactured on their base.

Aromatherapy is a method which supports treatment of virus and fungus infections simply and effectively. It is incomparable in relieving mental stress, insomnia and the feeling of tiredness and discomfort.

Essential oils are applied by introducing them into the organism through airways by means of inhalations or through the skin (baths, compresses and massages).



The most popular form of inhalation is the aromatherapeutic hearth, where a burning candle heats up a bowl with a mixture of oils and water causing their evaporation and dispersion in air. The hearth is filled up with water and 5-10 drops of oil or their mixture.


Aromatherapeutic bath

The bathtub is filled with hot water, then, 10-15 oil drops are poured onto its surface. The bath should last at least 10 minutes (recommended time – 15-30 minutes).



They are a form of a local aromatherapeutic bath. Some cotton wool, gauze of a towel is dripped with a solution of water and oil (5 drops of oil per half a glass of water). The compress thus prepared is put on the place of the skin and can remain there even up to two hours.


Aromatherapeutic massage

It is done using solutions of essential oils in vegetable oils. Scentless, cosmetic vegetable oils are recommended: grape seed oil or sweet almond oil. Edible oils, such as sunflower oil, olive oil, soybean oil or maze oil can also be used.



Aromatherapy is a non-complicated method which is becoming more and more common. It is so because the devices (aromatherapy hearths) and natural essential oils are accessible.


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